What is LAAIC?

To love is to know from within…a recognition of the One in all.

Perhaps we are here primarily to love.

That is, to know that nothing is ultimately external…and to exist deliberately from this knowing. (Everything else is coming…and going and coming again).

Practice cannot give us anything we don’t already posses. It can, however, bring our delusions, illusions and ignorance out of the shadows and into the surface of our awareness. When we remain alert and steady in loving awareness, regardless of our internal and external states, these once unconscious patterns fall away on their own.

All yogic paths offer a way of awakening to our ignorance (which is the cause of suffering) and therefor a direct liberation from it.

We believe that the seed of all yogic paths is AHIMSA- non-harm.
All of our work stems from this seed.

LAAIC is founded on this principle of ahimsa. We believe that a practice of active non-harm to our own being and to all beings is a foundation and a sure path to liberation; and therefore all teachings at LAAIC emerge from this truth.

Our goal is to offer teachings from their sources in a way that makes total sense and that you, yourself,  can verify for yourself! Our goal is to awaken the teacher within! Our goal is Self Realization.

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