What is LAAIC?


Love And All Is Coming is a school founded by Talia Sutra offering yoga education. The school is built upon the eternal teachings of Sanātana Dharma with ahiṃsā (non-harm) acting as a definitive and guiding corner stone.

We believe that a sincere commitment to a life of ahiṃsā keeps practitioners on a direct path to mokṣa— liberation from Self Ignorance. As such, all of our work, in Haṭha Yoga and beyond, stems from this foundational, practical and definitively loving principle.

LAAIC aims to offer teachings from their source in a simple, rational and useful manner that you, yourself, can instantly or over time verify through the establishment of viveka– discernment and vairāgya, non identification/ non attachment.

The Haṭha Yoga (physical yogic practices) taught in LAAIC trainings emphasize inner stillness or one-pointed focus and are drawn primarily from the Biṣṇu Ghosh lineage. Dynamic vinyāsa aspects of practice are drawn from the Aṣṭāṅga Yoga system.

The school follows the non-dual philosophy of Advaita Vedānta: a recognition of the One in all.

About Talia Sutra:

Born in Israel as Talia Peretz to a large family of Mizrahi Jewish refugees, Talia along with her immediate family relocated to New York early in her life. Talia was brought up by soulful, caring parents and was first introduced to yoga and meditation at the age of six, when her mother integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma.

At age eleven, Talia on her own accord stopped eating animals and this decision shaped her spiritual development since. With training in physical disciplines spanning nearly three decades, she has learned impeccable skill, precision and technique from masters of many practices and lineages. Talia gave herself the name Sutra as a kind of Self Initiation after a deep intuitive calling at the age 22, at the beginning of her teaching journey. Her haṭha yoga teachings are mostly based upon the Ghosh lineage, which she has been teaching for nearly 15 years. Equally, Talia teaches from a deep place of intuition and knowing and has developed her own methods, particularly in the field of backbending, which she has shared with thousands of her students worldwide. Talia founded the yoga school Love and And All is Coming in 2018 after coining the phrase and popularizing it for nearly a decade prior. She teaches people of all ages and backgrounds haṭha yoga, yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra and non-dual philosophy. She currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal with her husband, artist Ezra Baderman and their two children Akiva and Elisheva. She is grateful to all her teachers over the years.


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