Into the Energetic Body

15 hour in-person training at Ella Yoga Tel Aviv


August 16


August 30

Bandha is a Sanskrit word meaning “to lock, hold or tighten”.

Bandhas hold or redirect prana (vital energy) to a specific area of the body and help to lift, support and massage the internal organs.

With consistent lifelong practice, they unblock and redirect energy flow into Sushumna Nadi, the major energetic chanel along the spine.

There are three major bandhas and a fourth which is a combination of the three along the spine; each of the three major locks corresponds with a major granthi or an energetic knot or blockage.

In this 15 hour course, we will cover Pancha Kosha – the five sheaths or dimensions of the body, the seven chakra system and the four bands – energy locks. Knowledge and experience of the energetic body will transform our perception and experience of ourselves and of our world in incredible ways.

Each of the five 3 hour sessions will include mantra, lecture, group discussion meditation, pranayama and asana.

We will witness the power of Bandha in all categories of asana, including backhanding and inverted asana.

This course is open to all those who wish to deepen their connection to their body, mind and heart and are willing to face the challenges along the way.

Course manual is included.

Certificate of Participation upon completion.

המפגשים יתקיימו בתאריכים: 16.8, 19.8, 23.8, 26.8, 30.8

בשעות 11:00-14:00


הרשמה מוקדמת עד 1.8 1150₪

הרשמה רגילה 1350₪

*ניתן לפרוס לתשלומים

במקרה של ביטול עד 10.8 ינתן החזר בניכוי דמי רישום בסך 150₪

ביטול עד 13.8 ינתן החזר בסך 50%

מה 13.8 לא ינתן החזר

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