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THE METHOD Flexibility: 30hr TRAINING


April 24, 2022


May 1, 2022

True physical flexibility is an extension of a flexible state of beinga state of conscious acceptance.

In this 30 hour online training, we will learn, discuss and practice Flexibility through Talia’s three step Flexibility Method so that we may begin to recognize our own stubborn identification with resistance.

Using asana, pranayama, bandha and knowledge of Pancha Kosha- five energetic sheaths, as as a portal to inner space, we will unveil our own natural spacious presence one breath at a time.

We will begin our time together with a look into the Energetic Sheath, one of the five sheaths or dimensions in our body. We will discuss and experience the seven chakras and the four bandhas in order connect to the asana from the energetic centers of the body…and beyond.

We will cover all categories of asana and discover how we can apply The Method to safely and correctly initiate, hold and release.

The brilliant Rose Erin Vaughan will lead a fascinating three hour lecture on the anatomical aspects of flexibility.

LAAIC Lead Teacher Tony Lupinacci will head the meditation segment of this training, designed to help students create and maintain a daily personal practice through feeling and awareness, some of the same techniques that will be used in the Method: Flexibility portion of the training.

We’ll use the ancient practices of jappa mantra, pranayama, kriya and Vedic meditation to get out of the thinking mind and into the feeling body. Developing a practice will give us the time to be fully present, space to explore our personal potential and the opportunity to confront self-limiting thought patterns.


Online via Zoom


30 hrs Yoga Alliance

Continuing ED for those who have a 200hr.

Meditation Module

Students will learn to develop a personal mediation mantra and pranayama practice that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Anatomy Module

Students will have 3 hours of the anatomy with Rose Erin Vaughan.

The Method

Students will learn Talia’s signature method to flexibility.

Classes will be saved

Students will be able to access classes up to A MONTH after their initial live recording. This way, you can practice at a time that feels suitable to you!


April 24th Sunday: Talia

10am - 1pm Tel Aviv Time

April 25th Monday: Talia

10am - 1pm Tel Aviv Time

April 26th Tuesday: Tony

10am - 1pm Portugal Time

April 27th Wednesday: Talia

10am - 1pm Tel Aviv Time

April 28th Thursday: Erin

10am - 1pm New York Time

April 29th Friday: Tony

10am - 1pm Portugal Time

April 30th Saturday: Talia

10am - 1pm Tel Aviv Time

May 1st Sunday: Talia

10am - 1pm Tel Aviv Time

*If students cannot attend the live class a recording will be available for 1 month



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